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Led by puppet friends, the show educates children in a wide array of areas, including native species, solid waste management (reduce-reuse-recycle)...


Local News

High winds delay canoes' trip to Samoa

Strong, relentless winds have tossed the crew members for Hokuleā€˜a and Hikianalia into a race against time to meet the head of the United Nations in Samoa and receive a commitment toward protecting... more »

» Thai workers' settlements with Hawaii farm...

» 20 species of coral granted some federal p...

» Life at sea

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    Would you like to see the HHSAA Championship sports spread out more to allow easier attendance and viewing?

    Cutest Keiki

    Ronny Karson Delos Reyes Bunghanoy
    Age: 1 year and 21 days old
    Hometown: Kailua Kona
    Father: Sonny Varron Bunghanoy
    Mother: Jarmila Karisse Yurong Delos Reyes
    Too Cute
    Heart Breaker
    Wanna Hug
    Oh That Smile

    Dave Live

    Daily Surf Report

    Jenn Boneza Brings you Oahu´s latest news and surfing report daily updates.

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