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Come and hang out with Tony Solis as he takes you to many of Hawaii's popular eateries and also to some undiscovered "hole-in-the-wall" places, too! Tony commented, "The most request I get from ...


Local News

Warmer ocean raises damage risk for coral

Large sections of coral reef on Windward Oahu and parts of Kauai are continuing to suffer from high ocean temperatures, raising the risk that they will die, scientists said Friday. Corals stressed ... more »

» Maui survey tallies 1,000 feral cats in pr...

» Storm soaks isles, causes waste spill

» Students witness release of rescued Kauai ...

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    Would you like to see the HHSAA Championship sports spread out more to allow easier attendance and viewing?

    Cutest Keiki

    Manuia Lemisio
    Age: 15 months
    Hometown: Kapolei
    Father: Levi
    Mother: Kiana
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    Oh That Smile

    Dave Live

    Daily Surf Report

    Jenn Boneza Brings you Oahu´s latest news and surfing report daily updates.

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