Spectrum OC16 November Spotlights

Giving Thanks

Football season is near the end, and the holiday season is rapidly approaching.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, we’d like to share what we’re thankful for…


Over the last 31 years of high school sports coverage our friends at the OIA, ILH, BIIF,
MIL, KIF and the HHSAA have been terrific partners in helping us. From logistics
to scheduling to sometimes even feeding our crew meals, they have always been
cooperative in allowing us to showcase the great young men and women
in our sporting events. Without their assistance and support, none of this
would be possible.


For each broadcast we’re in constant communication with the coaches,
ADs and the teams. They don’t have to talk to us (lol), but every coach
and athlete has been extremely generous with their time in their busy
schedules both personal and seasonal. Their levels of professionalism
and genuine care for the athletes is unrivaled and without them, our jobs
would be a lot more difficult.


We are fortunate enough to work with dozens of hard-working men and women.

Our directors, producers, camera crew, audio engineers, utility personnel
show up five hours before a game, and a few hours after the game, to set up and
clean up. They are the heartbeat of our operation and are very special to the OC16 ohana.


And then there’s YOU. Simply put, without our viewers, we are nothing.
For 31 years we’ve broadcasted literally thousands of games and
whether it’s a gym, field, arena, or even the beach, the support for the
athletes and us is immense. Thank you for your continued viewership and for
supporting our great prep athletes for all these years.
You da best!

The First Hawaiian Bank State Football Championships rounds out the month.

For more info log on to OC16.tv

Until next time…

Cookin’ And Playin’ In Paradise
Cookin’ With Cutty

Cutty and gang

One of Spectrum OC16’s longest running shows takes fun, fitness and nutrition
to a new level. “Cookin’ with Cutty” premiered 20 years ago as the brainchild
of Barry
“Cutty” Cutler, a USPTR Tennis Pro who also had a knack for high energy
jump rope training. A former pupil of his, Lisa Phillips, was at the time
the director of the
American Heart Association and recruited him
to share his unique jump rope routine
in the Hawaiian Islands AHA “Jump
Rope for Heart” in-school education program. 

The team of Lisa and Cutty were a smash hit with the students and the idea was
launched to see if there was a way to bring their message of good
health, nutrition and fitness to a wider audience. A videotape of
one of their AHA events made its way to Cutty’s childhood friend Gregg
McAllister who was a television producer in Boston.  Gregg recognized the magic
of Cutty and Lisa’s brand of “infotainment” for kids and relocated to
Hawaii to help launch what would soon become “Cookin’ with Cutty”. 

He has served as the co-creator and director of the show ever since.

Lisa’s expertise in nutrition and health helped set the tone as she hosts
segments that teach the importance of a healthy balanced diet.
Another of Cutty’s childhood buddies, Blake McGrath (a.k.a. “Blakely”),
brought his unique musical talents as a singer, guitarist and composer as a
regular on the show. 

Over the years, the show has covered a nearly endless variety of outdoor
activities and demonstrated how to make healthy, nutritious foods.
Cutty is also extremely proud of the legions of kids who have appeared
on the show. Many have pointed to their experiences on the show as
contributing factors to their future success. 

After two decades, “Cookin’ with Cutty” continues to thrive. With the
recent addition of professional athletes and entrepreneurs Abraham
and Donica Shouse to the cast, Cutty is excited about the future and direction of the show. 

A New Episode Premieres November 30 at 7:30 AM

We Go Eat: Zippy’s
A Look At Hawaii’s Iconic Eatery

Zippy’s famous chili

Go behind the scenes at one of Hawaii’s favorite restaurants which has served

families for over five decades. 

Monday, November 11 at 8:00 PM

Mililani Trojan Marching Bandfest
One Chance To Impress

Practice makes perfect

Over a dozen of Hawaii’s best high school marching bands compete LIVE from
John Kauinana Stadium.

Saturday, November 9 at 5:00 PM

The Wedding Parlor
“A Hui Hou”

Eileen Abe

After almost a decade of helping couples with their nuptials, Kahu Kalehua Featheran’s
series finale features animal communicator, Eileen Abe, who can help your pet
adapt into a newly-blended family.

Wednesday, November 6 at 8:00 PM

Coming Up In December

High School Beach Voilleyball Championships